Tide Pool

Tidal Pool

Raku hand-built Ceramic
Kiln-cast Glass

5"h x 6.5"w x 7.5"d

Hykes Private Collection
Tide Pool Right Tide Pool Back Tide Pool Left

There are so many moments of sheer magic associated with scanning the rocks and sea life while they are temporarily exposed to our world above the receding waters. As treasures glisten in the sun. I'm soon reminded of days long ago when I scanned the waters with a watchful eye on my children as they jump from one rock to the next. Their youth was ticking away in front of me like the tide but their abounding joy overtook any concern for the future.

Like those treasured days gazing into a Tide Pool, we still continue to strive for a solid grip on the rocks, as the gravitational weight and struggles of everyday life continues to wash over us, constantly testing our strength and resilience while we search for more treasure and wait for the tide to turn once again.