Shane's World

Shane's World

Acrylic on Wood
over an antique wood
and metal cafe set.


Melanson Private Collection

Shane's World was one of the most important works of art that I have had the pleasure to complete to date. On a warm August morning, I broke away from all my self-induced design rules and just started painting. Outside of keeping my toddler age grandson in mind, there was no master plan - no preconceived ideas - just the idea that I would use every color in the crayon box and that it would end up to be "fun" as well as a truly functional piece of art.

I started by spray painting each chair and the table a different color and as I was finishing the prep work, my thoughts drifted to painting a Christmas plaid on the red chair. Once the symbolic Holiday Celebration chair was finished, the blue chair presented possibilities for a directional compass. I now had my Adventure and Travel chair. It was about this time that I realized each chair would become a symbolic representation of what life offers each of us. Backyard Fun had to be bubbles as this was one of my grandson's favorite pass times. Finally the last chair was the final one to speak up and let me know that it was destined to be. Imagination and Dreams are the essence of a fulfilling life.

Each of life's elements is wrapped up with a Game of Strategy, thus the checkerboard on the table top. No matter where you choose to sit at this table, the challenge of playing life's games with high ethics and strong virtues will be it's own reward.

This collection was eventually given as a heart-felt gift to my 3 year-old grandson. It was used daily for many years and continues to serve as a reminder to me that not everything in MY life should be planned ahead with calculated outcomes. Some things are better off just being allowed to emerge on their own.

Holiday Celebrations Adventures and Travel Backyard Fun Imagination and Dreams
Holiday Celebrations Adventure and Travel Backyard Fun Imagination and Dreams