Ripples In Time

Glazed Ceramic
Pot-melt Glass

10"w x 8.5"h x 6"d

Ripples In Time
Ripples in Time left Ripples in Time right Ripples in Time back Ripples in Time detail

The concept of time is always an interesting thing to me. There is the sort of time that is measured by a clock with each second being precisely the same as the next. But then there is also the illusion of time when you try to measure one moment against another. When 5 clock time minutes pass while you're really busy doing what you love, it moves so fast you find yourself begging for more. But take that same 5 minutes when you are waiting for the surgeon to emerge from an operating room with good news and it can have the weight of eternity slowing it down as you beg for less time remaining.

Ripples in Time folds together the reality of chronos time (clock time), the illusion of kairos time (our mental perception of time) and slips it into the larger cosmic time keeper that masterfully brings balance to all that is contributing to our lives. As we move back and forth between the veils of each form of measurable moments, cycles of life surround us, comfort us, implore us not to waste one moment as we seek to appreciate each ripple as it passes by. With Wisdom becoming more and more clearer to us, the density of our center core, our unknown essence continues to radiate outward until finally time simultaneously becomes everything and nothing at all.

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