Portal from Atlantis

Portal From Atlantis

Glazed Ceramic
Pot-melt Glass

7"h x 9"w x 5"d

Hykes Private Collection
Portal from Atlantis leftPortal from Atlantis right Portal from Atlantis back

Portal From Atlantis represents transition from a familiar world of unlimited possibilities to a re-entry into a world still riddled with unconscious thinking and harmful doing. It speaks to our individual power of choice - to choose which side of the portal we will find ourselves on as our dwelling place; to live from heart felt compassion while we conserve and develop our universal resources with respect and appreciation, or to continue to live with rage and fear and self-serving actions of self-destruction. How many times will our bodies brush against those long swaying tendrils of "choice"... as we move back and forth through this portal, before we can sustain our enthusiasm for living in an evolving world of the unfolding sublime?

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