Pharaoh's Nile

Pharaoh's Nile

Fused Dichroic
and Iridized Glass

10" diameter

Hinnenberg Private Collection

Pharaoh's Nile is from a yin/yang series that speaks to the golden rays of conscious universal truths and the dark blue depths of the remaining unknown. Like the magical DNA flowing through the Nile, that sustains all life forms clinging to its flowing waterways, the river that flows through Pharaoh's Nile also unites the ancient Egyptian heavens with today's sands of time. It speaks to the vast colors of dawn and dusk in an ageless sky. Smooth and golden on the surface, it teaches earth's wisdom in knowing when to expand and contract.

There is a moon, Madam Sarah's moon, which orbits around this world that was once a foreign land, but now has become one with her DNA. It is Pharaoh's Nile, Pharaoh's moon, Pharaoh's temples, sand and sky that continue to draw us closer for a better look. With an eternal offering of gratitude for making Pharaoh's world also part of my DNA as well, my time with the Nile will never be forgotten.

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