Masking Peace

Masking Peace

Glazed Ceramics
Acrylic Paint
Metal with beading

20"h x 15"w x 13"d
(including display stand)


Artist's Private Collection
Masking Peace SideMasking Peace Back
Mask Outside Mask Inside

Masking Peace represents the dynamics of where "World Peace" begins and ends. Viewing Earth from our moon, it's not possible for the naked eye to see where one country, one religion, one disease, one scientific breakthrough stops and another begins. Only the organic vastness of our world is in sight with all its distortions, conflicts and miracles hidden away. Those wise souls that walk among us understand how all chaos is necessary, that what is in a state of rest one moment, can easily be disturbed in some way only seconds later, being left with the choice to adapt or die trying. If the great minds of this world believe now that thoughts are things, does it not then become the thoughts of the thinker that create or destroy this World Peace paradigm?

Given the altitude of wisdom and the power fueling introspection, one can slip on our own masks of change, start to fill in our own heart felt mental nautilus chambers with bliss and bring into existence thoughts of compassion, visions of harmony, a knowingness that fosters balance and hope. Peace then becomes a destination, a temporary journey inward. When you go there, all that is travels with you...... Go in Peace.