Reaching Netherland

Reaching Netherland

Glazed Ceramic
Pot-melt Glass

10.5"w x 9.5"h x 4"d

Hykes Private Collection
Reaching Netherland leftReaching Netherland backReaching Netherland right Reaching Netherland detail

Reaching Netherland for a small part of each day has become the most amazing gift that I have ever given to myself. Amidst the constant chatter in my real world of ongoing chaos, financial issues, relationship issues, deadlines that press heavily on the creative process, and a need for travel that refuses to free me from it's grip, my Netherland is the escape hatch. It is my mind's sanctuary where travel is always possible, quality time spent with friends always achievable, finances not an issue, age not an issue, time not an issue. While my family starts wondering what I'll be fixing for dinner (our 13,000th dinner so far and counting), I can sip my wine, cut veggies and relax at the waters edge on one of Alaska's breathtaking wharfs all at the same time. It is magical here in my nether world, where all is offered up the moment I wish it to be so ... the scent of the forest with its damp pathways to explore, the sound of the ocean as it hits the shore, the taste of a perfectly barbequed salmon, still steaming hot on its cedar plank and leisurely shared with a friend, one fingered bite at a time until it's all gone.

Where would I be without my fantasy world to keep me company, to keep me sane, to keep me swimming intimately amidst the kelp forest of my inner dreams and deepest desires? Reaching Netherland in so many ways magically keeps my sails filled with joy and my heart open to share that joy in both worlds as I slip from one reality to the other ... and then ever so quietly back again.

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