Merging Worlds

Merging Worlds

Raku hand-built Ceramics

aprox 5"h x 6"w x 5"d

Hykes Private Collection
Merging Worlds lit Merging Worlds back
"You Have My Heart Forever"
Merging Worlds Top

Merging Worlds brings together a union between perceptions and realities. As a vessel which connects with our manifesting universe, it holds purpose that extends beyond the scope of our mental fields of understanding. In the circulation that is found within every coming and going moment, Life is held here ... held together in the palm of the hands with an energetic magnetism which draws the pulsating secrets of our universe closer.

Designed to be held while entering this deeper mystical world, lighting the internal flame signals the opening and purification of a single sacred moment. Meditating on this flickering from Heart's center draws in clarity of purpose, strength to transcend the old and to enter into new space, to ask questions, to listen for answers, to inhale vitality, and to exhale that which no longer serves your higher self.

Merging your world with those who share your heart, turn the inscription towards you and feel your father's pride in these words..."You Have My Heart Forever."