Last Dance

Last Dance

Glazed Stoneware

37"h x 25"w

Artist Private Collection

Last Dance is inspired by my motion filled childhood. The music and choreography started for me at the young age of 5 and through tap and ballet classes I learned to feel the music while I followed my teacher's lead. Later came contemporary dance and then ice skating lessons. Each different form of expression, all of which are wrapped around interpretation of sounds and rhythms, defined my artistic expression. Simply put, "dance" was my life and it was unimaginable that one day would come when opportunities to continue moving to the music would fade away into a different and all consuming life of child rearing, work, and the stresses of everyday challenges.

Still today, when I close my eyes and allow myself to drift back in time, I can still remember my last joyful night of dancing. Has it really been 37 years that flew by so quickly?