Kelp Passage

Kelp Passage

Glazed Ceramic
Pot-melt Glass

10"w x 9"h x 5"d

Kelp Passage
Kelp Passage left Kelp Passage detail Kelp Passage right

Kelp Passage was inspired by a friendly sea otter that popped it's head up out of the calm bay water to say hello on my last evening of a long overdue vacation. After 3 days of watching the kelp sway back and forth along the northern California shoreline, I became enchanted by these mystical tendrils that begin as a sprout from so far below the surface of the water, grab so fiercely to the rocky bottom as they grow towards the light, and then easily settle into the current as they slide back and forth with the push and pull of each wave.

While I gazed into the dark eyes of this playful visitor, my senses could feel the rhythm of the waters as she bobbed about hoping for an easy meal. It was the rhythm that made passage possible... to dive down deep swimming in spirals until an urchin could be plucked from the ocean's floor. It was the same rhythm that set the course for her return to the surface. Between sunsets, a thousand opportunities to become caught up in the kelp come and go unnoticed and Life is good. How similar our lives are, this little otter and mine.. between sunsets. It is the rhythm found in daily living that affords us all safe passage through difficult times.

May all your days and nights be filled with the swaying of the kelp as you pass by.

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