Flow of Life

Flow of Life

Raku hand-built Ceramic
Kiln-cast Glass

12.25"h x 11"w x 6"d

Flow of Life right Flow of LIfe detail Flow of Life left
Flow of Life Back Flow of Life Back

Flow of Life is the largest of the "With the Flow" series that explores what "change" looks and feels like as it thrives in the underwaters of Life. Combining glass and clay to capture this movement, to redefine small particles of earth thus allowing them to gracefully embraces change through their own metamorphous, is for me a humbling process that continues to be both challenging and deeply meaningful.

As the brightly colored Raku ceramic sea fan ungulates in the ebb and flow of the swaying waters, anchored to earth only by the gentle grip of its ruby red glass companion, together they speak to that binding cooperation which is required from each of us if Life's harmony is to be sustained. Each petal serves as a reminder that by quietly surrendering to shifting growth and evolution, a multitude of gentle forces can be heard and felt from deep within our intuitive internal world. Cooperation through change then strengthens our core, energizes our beauty, and expands anew to becomes our very own Flow of Life.