Finding Mer

Finding Mer

Kiln-cast Glass
with Dichroic

13.5"h x 12"w x 4"d
including stand

Artist Private Collection
Finding Mer detail 1 Finding Mer detail 2 Finding Mer detail 3

Finding Mer was created during a time of personal loss that was like no other I have ever known. This was the first piece I attempted to create while still partially blind, and as my condition improved, there were reoccurring moments when the urge to refire Finding Mer was not to be denied. We spoke to each other like kindred spirits until finally, many firings later my recovery and this piece reached a peak that was most gratifying.

It is hard to believe that five years have passed since this chapter of my life began and still today, when I gaze into the seaweed to find "Mer" clinging to the leaves as it continues to sway in the current with time still ticking away, I'm reminded that I may - with much gratitude - always be under her spell.