Destiny's Gateway

Destiny's Gateway

Glazed Ceramic
Pot-melt Glass

8.5"h x 9.5"w x 6"d

Kopp Private Collection

Destiny back Destiny right Destiny left

The difference between Fate and Destiny appears to center around one's ability to embrace "choice" with the courage to not always choose the easier of two options. We seem to understand at a young age that the people who get to make our decisions for us, our parents, teachers, the elders in our life, are also the ones who appear to hold the greatest power. Eventually our childhood matures into adulthood and this privilege of choosing for oneself shifts at last completely onto our own shoulders.

One decision at a time, our authentic Life unfolds before us. Those decisions that bring a sense of well-being also promote a sense of self assured confidence, the ability to trust that outcomes will continue to generate a Life that is filled with never-ending opportunities; a Life supported by courage and trust that we are choosing wisely ... that we truly have a hand in our own Destiny.

Fate travels side by side with Destiny, always waiting for us to hand our power, our right to choose for ourselves, into the hands of another. Fate points to the fork in the road, the wider clearer easier way, that tempts us to stop traveling in our own direction, stop allowing us to even hear our own voice. Choosing this gateway into Fate's future and we become a bystander to our own Life. Destiny's Gateway, passage into the world of self empowerment and self actualization is by far the harder choice. Striving for the freedom to emotionally embrace your own voice, as the clearest voice along the way, is a Destiny all its own. As you dive deep into this wet blue inner chamber of the self, see how the ripples of your Spirit's voice unfolds your higher purpose in each choice you make. Remember to embrace this unknown world as you swim deeper through Destiny's Gateway

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