Wings of Surrender

Wings of Wisdom,
Surrender and Trust

Glazed Ceramics
Etched Copper
Glass Beading

6.5"h x 4.5"w x 6"d

Cloak of Faith Right Cloak of Faith wing detail Cloak of Faith Back

Three wings, three parts to the root of any and all faiths.

Body, Mind and Soul fans out from our core to guide and protect every moment of every day. The wing of Wisdom guidance for always doing the right thing, even when it's the harder thing to do. The wing of compassionate Surrender for judging others with kindness and acceptance. The wing of healthy Trust for making a positive change in this world without hiding behind a cloak woven by others. Do we wear this Cloak of Faith proudly amongst our peers and hide our wings of flight from them? Or do we show what lies under our cloak and show them how not to fear our faith.