The Chakras

Have you ever wondered what makes us tick?

THE CHAKRAS installation (pictured below) was installed as an artistic representation of the whirling, energetic centers, that are found primarily flowing to and from our spines. There are hundreds of energy fields throughout our bodies; these seven of which are the most easily recognized.

We come into this world as a member of our tribe, as part of a cultural collective, as a non-individual bound by social expectations and group consciousness. This code of conduct enters through our 1st Root Chakra. As we mature physically, we are influenced energetically to create our own path, to begin to individualize within the tribe. The birth of "self" comes through our 2nd Chakra. As we gather together only those beliefs and behaviors that support our way of being in the world, tribal influences learn to give way to support our maturity. We breathe in and out with new vitality through our 3rd Chakra. All that we are becoming, our earthly potential , thrives here.

Energy flows from each Chakra to the other like a perfectly tuned musical instrument. It is the 4th Chakra that shows us how to face adversity with an open heart. How we adapt to the challenges of being heard and understood is the work of the 5th Chakra. Our perception of how we "fit" in this world is the work of the 6th Chakra. There are times in everyone's life when the mind simply chatters. How we go about quieting this chatter in order to be able to live a life from a state of balance brings great wisdom and understanding. The Crown Chakra is that portal of our body through which the life forces of our human "being" enters, circulates, is revitalized, and eventually leaves. It is Divine Inspiration that supports transformation from our tribal infancy to maturity that embraces life as an individual who can live with an open heart, a kind word, a balanced mind and a healthy body.

For more information on Chakras, I encourage you to read or listen to "Energy Anatomy," by Carolyn Myss. It is believed by many that the Chakras are our centers for healing, for growth, and for transformation at every stage of our complex lives.

7th Chakra 7th Chakra: The Crown
Divine Inspiration
6th Chakra 6th Chakra: The Forehead
Wisdom and Understanding
5th Chakra 5th Chakra: The Throat
Judgment and Mercy
4th Chakra 4th Chakra: The Heart
Compassion and Harmony
3rd Chakra 3rd Chakra: The Solar Plexus
Endurance and Integrity
2nd Chakra 2nd Chakra: The Abdomen
Creativity and Union
Base Chakra 1st Chakra: The Rooted Hips
Tribal Acceptance

The Chakras

The Chakras

Kiln-cast Glass with Dichroics,
mounted on backlit backbone of fabric covered wood
10'9'h x 3'w x 2.5'd

2006 Installation from FORMA Exibition
Finley Community Center
Santa Rosa, CA

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