Exercises are posted in reverse date order... most recent first. Please scroll down. Click on images to enlarge some of them.

Calendar: First THURSDAY of the month, 1:00pm

February Meeting at Elaine's - Feb. 3rd, 2022

Kitty's Leaf Challenge Elaine's UFO Elaine's Quilt
Kitty's Leaf ChallengeElaine's UFO
(work in progress)
Elaine's Quilt
Becky's Grand Entrance Jenn's Red Poppies
Becky's "Grand Entrance"
(work in progress)
Jenn's Red Poppies
(work in proogress)

December Meeting at Jenn's home

Leti's Embrioderey Dress Leti's Holiday Pillow Leti's table mat
Leti's Handmade Embroidered Dress"Leti's Holiiday Pillow PrizeLeti's Table Mat
Kitty's Leaves Becky's Baby Quilt Becky's Redwood Trees
Kitty's Leaves
(work in progress)
Becky's Baby QuiltBecky's Redwood Trees
(work in progress)
Jenn's Machine Challenge Jenn's FLowers Jenn's Xmas panel
Jenn's "Machine" challenge
(work in progress)
Jenn's Garden Wall
(work in progress)
Jenn's Christmas Wall Hanging

Meeting at Becky's home, Nov, 2021

Sue's Gifts Becky's underwater reef
Sue's Xmas Stockings"Becky's Underwater Reef

Meeting at Elaine's - Sept, 2021

Elaine's Jerry Elaine's Sample Blocks
Elaine's "Rockin'Jerry"Elaine's sample blocks
(work in progress)
Kitty's Forest Jenn's dye samples
Kitty's Forest
(work in progress)
Jenn's Ice Dyeing
Brushed Steel from Dharma
Detail of Leti's Mola block Leti's Rose of Sharon block
Leti's Mola Block
(work in progress)
Leti's Rose of Sharon
(work in progress)

Garden Meeting at Christina's - Aug, 2021

Kitty Kitty in her new kitchen

hanging the group's
surprise collaborative quilt gift

Detail of Leti's floral Leti's placemats
Leti's flower banner detail
(work in progress)
Leti's Placemats
(work in progress)
Jenn's butterfly Jenn's Christmas Quilt
Jenn's 3D "Friendly Bugs"
Pointless Sisters Challenge
Jenn's "Covid with Friends"
Friendship quilt

Kitty's Farwell Meeting at Jenn's - June 4thth

KittyKitty with Christina
Fearless DesignersFearless Designers
(Left to Right)

Sherri, Christina,
Kitty, Jenn,
Becky, Sue,
(Leti missing)

Leti's Garden Meeting - May 6th

Leti's Garden Leti's Garden Leti's Garden
Leti's Garden Leti's GardenLet's Garden

Becky's Baby Quilt Becky's Baby Quilt back Becky's Baby Quilt detail
Becky's Baby Quilt
(work in progress)
Quilt BackApplique Detail
Leti's 9 patch Leti's 9 patch back Leti's Drunker's Path
Leti's Altered 9 Patch
(work in progress)
9 Patch BackLeti's Drunker's Path

Spring Gathering at Becky's - April 2nd

Becky's Surprise Fearless Label

Radiant Sun Elaine's Llama Kitty's Placemats
Sue's Radiant SunElaine's LlamaKitty's Placemats

Meetings at Elaine's and Kitty's Homes - February and March

Kitty's Hearts Banner Sue's quilt top Elaine Leaves Leti's Quilt top
Kitty's Hearts BannerSue's Quilt TopElaine's LeavesLeti's Quilt
Kitty's Quilt Kitty's Mice Kitty's Stars
Kitty's QuiltKitty's MiceKitty's Stars Quilt

Meeting at Sherri's in December

Sue's Village
Sue's Village Quilt
Sue's Cross-stitched Stocking Elaine's Holiday Runner Sherri's Halloween Sherri's Garden Quit
Sue's Cross-stitch
Stocking for Lexie
Elaine's Holiday Runner Sherri's Halloween Quilt Sherri's Garden Quilt
Kitty's Pot Holders Jenn's New Dawn Quit Jenn's Labyrinth Quilt Leti's Shells
Kitty's niffty gift Jenn's "New Dawn"
(Better with border removed)
Jenn's P.S. Challenge Quilt
"Path Towards Calm"
Leti's "Conchas de Colores"
(work in progress)

Meeting at Elaine's in November

It was CRAZY cold outside and worth every minute shared together!

Becky's Baby Quilt Kitty's Safari Paths Quit Kitty's Leaf Challenge Christina's Crumb Quit
Becky's Baby Quilt
(work in Progress)
Kitty's Safari Paths ChallengeKitty's Leaf Challenge Christina's Grandson's Quit
Work in Progress
Sue's Decorations Kitty's Safari Paths Quit Becky's Baby Quilt Kitty's Safari Paths Quit
Sue's Xmas DecorationsElaine's Baby Quilt
(work in progress)
Sherri's Classrrom QuiltJenn's "New Dawn"

Meeting at Leti's in October

Christina's Star Quit Christina's Wedding Quit
Work in Progress
Becky'sLeaf Challenge Kitty's Curves Quit
Becky's Dragonfly" Kitty's Path Quilt
(work in progress)
Jenn's Fiber Reactive Dye panels Jenn's Fabric Dying
Jenn's Fabric Dying Jenn's Fabric Dying Jenn's Fabric Dying Jenn's Fabric Dying Jenn's Fabric Dying

Meeting at Becky's in August and Kitty's in September, 2020

Elaine's Basket Leaf Challenge Reveal
Shared Progress
Sue's Leaf Challenge
Elaine's Leaf Basket"Sue's Leaf Challenge
Leti's Leaf Challenge Kitty's Leaf Challenge Christina's Leaf Challenge
Leti's Leaf Challenge"
Welcome Leti to our Mini group
Kitty's Leaf Challenge
(Work in Progress)
Christina's Leaf Challenge
Elaine's Basket Becky's Leaf Challenge
Becky's Leaf Challenge"Becky's Cut Work
(Work in Progress)
Becky's T=Shirt Quiit Christina's Cityscape Elaine's Block Quilt
Becky's T-Shirt Quit"
(Work in Progress)
Christina's CityscapeElaine's Strip Blocks
Kitty's Circle front Kitty's Circle back
Kitty's "Wheels" frontKitty's "Wheels" back
Kitty's Color Spectrum front Kitty's Color Spectrum back
Kitty's "Color Spectrum" frontKitty's "Color Spectrum" back

July 10th Reunion with leaf panels

Christina's Blocks Elaine's Fabrics
Christina at play....Elaine's Fabulously Organized Stash
Becky's Sunflowers Becky's Redwoods Elaine's Storm At Sea
"Barbara You Are My Sunshine"
Becky's Redwoods
(Work in Progress)
Elaine's Storm At Sea
Elaine's Cats Elaine's Dog Kitty's Rainbow
Elaine's CatsElaine's DogKitty's Rainbow
(Work in Progress)
Christina's Stars Jenn's Path Challenge
Christina's Stars
(Work in Progress)
Jenn's "Path" Challenge
(Work In Progress))

Catching up with Show-n-Tells...June 2019 to June 2020

Becky's Sunflowers Becky's Beach Becky's Portraits
Becky's Bouquet
Becky's BeachBecky's Portraits
Sherri's Blue Panel Christina's Otish Crhistina's Landscape
Sherri's Dyna-Flow PanelChristina's OtisChristina's Landscape
Kitty's Cityscape Kitty's Banner Kitty's Bow Tie
Kitty's Cityscape ChallengeKitty's "Orange Ya Glad"Kitty's "Fit To Be Tied" Quilt
Kitty's Whale Kitty's Crumb quilt Sherri's Xmas Panel
Kitty's Whale QuiltKitty's Scrappy Octagon Quilt
from Fern Royce wksp
Sherri's Xmas Panels
Sherri's Tote Sherri's Tote Sue's Spirals
Sherri's Tote Bag (Front)Sherri's Tote Bag (Back)Sue's Spirals
Jenn's Banner Jenn's flags Hearts
Jenn's Teal BannerJenn's "From A Distance"Sherri's Heart Coasters
Jenn's Jelly Roll Quilt Christina's Flying Fish Kitty's Fire Quilt
Jenn's Jelly Roll QuiltChristina's (title?)
Kitty's "Sonoma Strong"
Jenn's Waterfall Quilt Kitty's Jenn's Rosalie's World
Jenn's Waterfall QuiltKitty's "Shelter In Place"Jenn's "Rosalile's World"
Kitty's Block Quilt Kitty's Sets QuiltKitty's Sets Quilt Kitty's Blue Ridge Mountains Quilt
Kitty's Block QuiltKitty's "50th Birthday" (to her son) QuiltKitty's "Blue Ridge Mountains"
from Diana Roberts workshop

UFOs and Other Shares - May 3, 2019

Christina's Mural Sue's Book Blocks Kitty's City
Christina's Mural
(Work in Progress)
Sue's Book Blocks
(Work in Progress)
Kitty's City
(Work in Progress)
Elaine's Circle Blocks Elaine's Hawaiian Blocks Kitty's Boe Tie Blocks
Elaine's CirclesElaine's Hawaiian Blocks
(Work in Progress)
Kitty's Bow Ties
(Work in Progress)
Sherri's Bunny Quilt Sherri's Pinwheel Quilt Kitty's Hand Dye
Sherri's Bunny QuiltSherri's Pinwheel Quilt
(purchased top from unknown quilter)
Kitty's Hand Dye
Quilt Top for COTS Quilt Top for COTS Alison's Quilt
Jenn's COTS TopJenn's COTS TopJenn's Costa Maya
Sue with quilt row Sue's Banner


Christina's Otis Sue's Great Granddaughter Kitty at 10
Christina's Otis
(Work in Progress)
Sue's Great GrandaughterKitty at 10
(Work in Progress)
Sherri's Grandpa She's Such A Puzzle Becky's portraits
Elaine's GrandpaJenn's Self-portrait
"She's Such A Puzzle"
(Work in Progress)

SHOW-N-TELL - February, March and April

Elaine's Butterflies Christina's UFO Becky's Coast Barbara Confer Workshop
Elaine's Butterflies
Lisa Thorpe Workshop
Christina's UFOBecky's CoastBecky's
Barbara Confer Workshop
Sherri's Lisa Thrope Wksp Kitty's Basket Sue's Finished Sun Print Block Elaines's Hearts Quilt
Lisa Thorpe Workshop
Kitty's BasketSue's Finished Sun Print BlockElaine's Valentine quilt
Sherri's quilt Sherri's Trapunto
Sherri's Alphabet QuiltSherri's Trapunto
Judy Schumacher Workshop


Elaine's Postcard Christina's Postcards
Kitty's Notecards Jenn's Postcards

SUN PRINT REVEALS - Jan. 4th, 2019 Happy New Year

Becky's Sun Print Christina's Sun print Elaine's Art Cloth Jenn's Sun Print
(Work in Progress)
(Work in Progress)
(Work in Progress
(Work in Progress)


Sue's COTS Quilts Sue's COTS Quilts Sue's COTS Quilts
Christina's Kaffe Quilts Christina's Kaffee Quilt Christina's Kaffee Quilt
Sherri's Christmas Wall Quilt Sherri's Wall Quilt
Kitty's Library Banner Kitty's Lbrary Banner


Becky Sun Prints Sun Prints Sun Prints
Kitty Sun Prints Sun Prints Sun Prints
Sun Prints Sun Prints Sun Prints
Sun Prints Sun Prints
(Work in Progress)
Sun Prints
Sherri Sun Prints Sun Prints Sun Prints
Sun Prints Sun Prints Sun Prints Sun Prints
Jenn Sun Prints Sun Prints Sun Prints
Sun Prints


Becky's Trout Elaine's Bats
Becky's (Luminosity) TroutElaine's Bats
Christina's quilt Kitty's Library Banner
Christina's (Transparancy) Quilt Kitty's PQG Library Banner
(Work in Progress)


Becky's Music Sue's Transparency Elaine's Marbles Jenns Transparency

Other Show-n-tellsKitty's Blocks Kitty's Fire Quilt
Kitty's BlocksKitty's Fire Quilt

SHOW-N-TELL - July 2018

It's DoneTHEY'RE DONE!It's Done

Diana Roberts
Becky Roberts Sue's Roberts Elaine's Roberts

Becky Celebrating 150 years Celebrating 150 years
Christina Fish Quilt Fish Quilt back
Elaine Elaine's BabyQuilt
Kitty Kitty's Friendship Quilt Fire Quilt in progress
JennJenn's Crazy Town in progress


Elaine's Luminosity Sue's Transparency Sherri's Transparency Jenn's Transparency
Elaine's Transparency Kitty's Fire Quilt Mueller's Investigation
Elaine's Transparency Quilt Kitty's Fire Quilts (in progress) Jenn's Abstract "Mueller's Investigation"

SHOW-N-TELL - May 2018

Friendship Block Quilt Rosalie Dace Workshop Kitty's Fire Quit Day of the Dead
Friendship Block Quilt
Becky's (in progress)
Rosalie Dace Wksp
Kitty's (in progress)
"Fire" Quilt start
Day of the Dead
Barbara Confer Wksp Barbara Confer Wksp Barbara Confer Wksp Barbara Confer Wksp
Sherri's (in progress)
Barbara Confer Wksp
Barbara Confer Wksp
Barbara Confer Wksp
Mini Quilt
Group gazing at Elaine's work


Stack and Slash Stack and Slash Stack and Slash Stack and Slash
Stack and Slash Stack and Slash Stack and Slash Stack and Slash
Christina's "Right As Rain"
PIQF Entry
Right As Rain PIQF Entry Kitty and Christina's
PIQF Entry

Sharing our own projects with the group - February 2nd 2018

BeckyHenrietta PIQF Sky project
ChristinaBaby Quilt PIQF Rain project
SherriCats Quilt Bunnies Quilt Puppies Quilt
Sue Sue's Quilt
Jenn Jenn's Abstract Quilt Jenn and Metha's
PIQF Collaboration
Jenn and Metha's PIQF


ColorColor RemovedColorColor Removed
BeckyBecky Becky Black and White ChristinaChristina Christina Black and White
ElaineElaine Elaine Black and White Kittykitty Kitty Black and White
SherriSherri Sherri Black and White SueSue Sue Black and White
JennJenn Jenn's Black and White Group looking at Elaine's work

Part I Blocks - Sept 1st 2017
Part II Blocks - Oct 6th 2017

Becky Becky's Finished Block Elaine Elaine's Finished Block
Becky's StartFinished by ElaineElaine's StartFinished by Becky
Metha's Start Metha's Finished Block Jenn's Start Jenn's Finish
Metha's StartFinished by ChristinaJenn's Start
Finished by Marianne
Christina Christina's Finished Block Marianne Marianne's Finished Block
Christina's StartFinished by KittyMarianne's StartFinished by Metha
Kitty's Start Kitty's Start Kitty's Start Kitty's Start Kitty's Start Kitty's Start
Finished by Jenn Kitty's Start Kitty's Start Kitty's Start Kitty's Start Kitty's Start

Sharing our own projects with the group - April through July, 2017

BeckyIndia Reflections
MethaMetha Zinnia
MarianneBlock Quilt Marianne
KittyIsland Garden Canyon
Christinabees Sunset Lily
JenniferHydrangya Magical Carpet Ride

Our mini group originally came together to focus on doing exercises as presented in the book "Fearless Design for Every Quilter" by Lorraine Torrence and Jean B Mills. The purpose of these photos below are soley for our group's referance and are quick studies only so many may be lacking in quality. Sorry... they are certainly not color accurate either but hopefully the information needed will translate anyway.

Exercise 8:

Select a panel you already have and recreate another composition using all or part of it

Becky Elaine Elaine's bonus share
Becky's PanelElaine's PanelElaine's Quilt (bonus)
Kitty Marianne Jenn
Kitty's PanelMarianne's PanelJennifer's Panel
Metha's PanelChristina passed

Exercise 7:

Pick one, two or all three photos (from pg. 58) to inspire your intrepretation of these images.

Becky Christina Elaine
Becky's "Grease"Christina's "Canyon"Elaine's "Mudflats"
Marianne's mudflats Marianne's canyon Marianne's grease
Marianne's "Mudflats"Marianne's "Canyon"Marianne's "Grease"
Kitty Jenn
Kitty's "Canyon"Jennifer's "Mudflats"Metha passed

Exercise 6:

(From list on page 53) Select a noun and create a motif that represents this word. Select a verb for ideas on how to use this motif.

You can click on images to go to larger images now... yay

Becky Christina Elaine
Becky's combined assignmentsChristina's "Multiplied"
Blue Moon Green Tides
Elaine's "Petals" "Spiraling"
Marianne Marianne Metha
Marianne's "Pyramid"
"Elongated" and "Simplified"
Marianne's "Pyramid" "Sliced"Metha's "Stamp" "Sliced/Expanded"
Jenn Houses Tilted Black, White and One Color
Jenn's "Tile" "Exploding"Kitty's "Houses" "Tilting"Kitty's "Black, White, One Color"

Exercise 5:COLOR - Sept 2,2016

A seven part assignment: 1) Design a composition, 2) Achromatic intrepetation, 3) Monochromatic color scheme,
4) Analogous color scheme, 5) one of the Complimentary options, 6) Triadic color scheme, 7) Polychomoatic color scheme.

Achromatic Monochromatic Analogous Complementary Triadic Polychromatic
Elaine Elaine's #1 Elaine's #2 Elaine's #3 Elaine's #4 Elaine's #6
Kitty Kitty's #2 Kitty's #3 Kitty's #4 Kitty's #5 Kitty's #6
Mariane Marianne's #1 Marianne's #2 Marianne's #3 Marianne's #4
Metha Metha's #1 Metha's #2 Metha's #3 Metha's #4 Metha's #5 Metha's #6
Jennifer Jenn's #1 Jenn's #2 Jenn's #3 Jenn's #4 Jenn's #5 Jenn's #6
Becky We all missed you Becky
Christina Great to have you back Christina
Lolli We all missed you Lolli
Kitty's Collage Left:
Kitty's "Tetradic" Collage
Green, Orange, Red-Violet, Blue

Christina's "Anaglous"
(in progress)Collage
Christina's Collage

Exercise 4: IDENTIFYING VALUE IN COLOR - Aug 6, 2016

Design a balanced composition #1) with achromatice values, #2) with same values as #1 but using color, #3) with same values as #1 but using different colors, #4) using same commposition with different values, #5) using different color values that are NOT balanced

AchromaticColor Subsitute
Same Values
Different Colors
Same Values
Same Composition
Different Color Values
Values out of Balance
Becky Becky's #1 Becky's #2 Becky's #3 Becky's #4 Becky's #5
Christina We all missed you Christina Get better soon...
Elaine Elaine's #1 Elaine's #2 Elaine's #3 Elaine's #4 Elaine's #5
Kitty Kitty's #1 Kitty's #2 Kitty's #3 Kitty's #5
Lolli Lolli's #1 Lolli's #2 Lolli's #3 Lolli's #4 Lolli's #5
Mariane Marianne's #1 Marianne's #2 Marianne's #3
Metha Metha's #1 Metha's #2 Metha's #3 Metha's #4
Jennifer Jenn's #1 Jenn's #2 Jenn's #3 Jenn's #4 Jenn's #5

Exercise 3: SCALE, VALUE AND BALALNCE - jULY 1, 2016

Choose any color of fabrics you like; however each fabric must represent 1 of the 5 light to dark values relative to the other selected fabrics. Cut acording to pg.33 instructions. Make one arrangement symmetrical and the other 2 asymmetrical on 3 separate 16" squares.

Becky Becky's Balance
Christina Christina's Balance
Elaine Elaine's Balance
Kitty Kitty's Balance
Lolli Lolli's Balance
Marianne Marianne's Balance
Metha Metha's Balance
Jennifer Jenn's Balance Jenn's Balance Jenn's Balance
Marianne's Extra Credit Kitty's turn Christina's Feedback
Marianne's Extra CreditKitty's TurnChristina's Feedback


From the three master paintings provided, distill the basic composition based on values and shapes...

Seurat Vermeer Turner
Becky Becky's Seurat Becky's Vermeer Becky's Turner
Christina Christina's Seurat Christina's Vermeer Christina's Turner
Elaine Elaine's Seurat Elaine's Vermeer Elaine's Turner
Kitty Kitty's Seurat Kitty's Vermeer Kitty's Turner
Lolli Lolli's Seurat Lolli's Vermeer
Marianne Marianne's Seurat Marianne's Vermeer Marianne's Turner
Metha Metha's Seurat Metha's Vermeer Metha's Turner
Jennifer Jenn's Seurat Jenn's Vermeer Jenn's Turner

Exercise 1: BALANCE - May 6, 2016

"Choose a theme shape or motif. Interpret the shape using 4 different compositionns in a 20" square."

Some of the images better fit the criteria than others but it was our first attempt... a great one too!

Symmetrical Radial Crystallographic Asymmetrical
Becky Becky's Symmetrical Mirror Becky's Radial Becky's Crystallogaphic Becky's Asymmetrical
Christina Christina's Symmetrical Christina's Radial Christina's Crystallogaphic Christina's Asymmetrical
Elaine Elaine's Symmetrical Elaine's Radial Elaine's Crystallogaphic Elaine's Asymmetrical
Kitty Kitty's Symmetrical Kitty's Radial Kitty's Crystallogaphic Kitty's Asymmetrical
Lolli Lolli's Symmetrical Lolli's Radial Lolli's Crystallogaphic Lolli's Asymmetrical
Marianne Marianne's Symmetrical Marianne's Radial Marianne's Crystallogaphic Marianne's Asymmetrical
Metha Metha's Symmetrical Metha's Radial Metha's Crystallogaphic Metha's Asymmetrical
Jennifer Jenn's Symmetrical Jenn's Radial Jenn's Crystallogaphic Jenn's Asymmetrical