The exercises are posted in reverse date order... most current crit results run from most recent to earlier works. Please scroll down.

Sharing our own projects with the group - February 2nd 2018

BeckyHenrietta PIQF Sky project
ChristinaBaby Quilt PIQF Rain project
SherriCats Quilt Bunnies Quilt Puppies Quilt
Sue Sue's Quilt
Jenn Jenn's Abstract Quilt Jenn and Metha Jenn and Metha's PIQF


ColorColor RemovedColorColor Removed
BeckyBecky Becky Black and White ChristinaChristina Christina Black and White
ElaineElaine Elaine Black and White Kittykitty Kitty Black and White
SherriSherri Sherri Black and White SueSue Sue Black and White
JennJenn Jenn's Black and White Group looking at Elaine's work

Part I Blocks - Sept 1st 2017
Part II Blocks - Oct 6th 2017

Becky Becky's Finished Block Elaine Elaine's Finished Block
Becky's StartFinished by ElaineElaine's StartFinished by Becky
Metha's Start Metha's Finished Block Jenn's Start Jenn's Finish
Metha's StartFinished by ChristinaJenn's Start
Finished by Marianne
Christina Christina's Finished Block Marianne Marianne's Finished Block
Christina's StartFinished by KittyMarianne's StartFinished by Metha
Kitty's Start Kitty's Start Kitty's Start Kitty's Start Kitty's Start Kitty's Start
Finished by Jenn Kitty's Start Kitty's Start Kitty's Start Kitty's Start Kitty's Start

Sharing our own projects with the group - April through July, 2017

BeckyIndia Reflections
MethaMetha Zinnia
MarianneBlock Quilt Marianne
KittyIsland Garden Canyon
Christinabees Sunset Lily
JenniferHydrangya Magical Carpet Ride

Our mini group originally came together to focus on doing exercises as presented in the book "Fearless Design for Every Quilter" by Lorraine Torrence and Jean B Mills. The purpose of these photos below are soley for our group's referance and are quick studies only so many may be lacking in quality. Sorry... they are certainly not color accurate either but hopefully the information needed will translate anyway.

Exercise 8:

Select a panel you already have and recreate another composition using all or part of it

Becky Elaine Elaine's bonus share
Becky's PanelElaine's PanelElaine's Quilt (bonus)
Kitty Marianne Jenn
Kitty's PanelMarianne's PanelJennifer's Panel
Metha's PanelChristina passed

Exercise 7:

Pick one, two or all three photos (from pg. 58) to inspire your intrepretation of these images.

Becky Christina Elaine
Becky's "Grease"Christina's "Canyon"Elaine's "Mudflats"
Marianne's mudflats Marianne's canyon Marianne's grease
Marianne's "Mudflats"Marianne's "Canyon"Marianne's "Grease"
Kitty Jenn
Kitty's "Canyon"Jennifer's "Mudflats"Metha passed

Exercise 6:

(From list on page 53) Select a noun and create a motif that represents this word. Select a verb for ideas on how to use this motif.

You can click on images to go to larger images now... yay

Becky Christina Elaine
Becky's combined assignmentsChristina's "Multiplied"
Blue Moon Green Tides
Elaine's "Petals" "Spiraling"
Marianne Marianne Metha
Marianne's "Pyramid"
"Elongated" and "Simplified"
Marianne's "Pyramid" "Sliced"Metha's "Stamp" "Sliced/Expanded"
Jenn Houses Tilted Black, White and One Color
Jenn's "Tile" "Exploding"Kitty's "Houses" "Tilting"Kitty's "Black, White, One Color"

Exercise 5:COLOR - Sept 2,2016

A seven part assignment: 1) Design a composition, 2) Achromatic intrepetation, 3) Monochromatic color scheme,
4) Analogous color scheme, 5) one of the Complimentary options, 6) Triadic color scheme, 7) Polychomoatic color scheme.

Achromatic Monochromatic Analogous Complementary Triadic Polychromatic
Elaine Elaine's #1 Elaine's #2 Elaine's #3 Elaine's #4 Elaine's #6
Kitty Kitty's #2 Kitty's #3 Kitty's #4 Kitty's #5 Kitty's #6
Mariane Marianne's #1 Marianne's #2 Marianne's #3 Marianne's #4
Metha Metha's #1 Metha's #2 Metha's #3 Metha's #4 Metha's #5 Metha's #6
Jennifer Jenn's #1 Jenn's #2 Jenn's #3 Jenn's #4 Jenn's #5 Jenn's #6
Becky We all missed you Becky
Christina Great to have you back Christina
Lolli We all missed you Lolli
Kitty's Collage Left:
Kitty's "Tetradic" Collage
Green, Orange, Red-Violet, Blue

Christina's "Anaglous"
(in progress)Collage
Christina's Collage

Exercise 4: IDENTIFYING VALUE IN COLOR - Aug 6, 2016

Design a balanced composition #1) with achromatice values, #2) with same values as #1 but using color, #3) with same values as #1 but using different colors, #4) using same commposition with different values, #5) using different color values that are NOT balanced

AchromaticColor Subsitute
Same Values
Different Colors
Same Values
Same Composition
Different Color Values
Values out of Balance
Becky Becky's #1 Becky's #2 Becky's #3 Becky's #4 Becky's #5
Christina We all missed you Christina Get better soon...
Elaine Elaine's #1 Elaine's #2 Elaine's #3 Elaine's #4 Elaine's #5
Kitty Kitty's #1 Kitty's #2 Kitty's #3 Kitty's #5
Lolli Lolli's #1 Lolli's #2 Lolli's #3 Lolli's #4 Lolli's #5
Mariane Marianne's #1 Marianne's #2 Marianne's #3
Metha Metha's #1 Metha's #2 Metha's #3 Metha's #4
Jennifer Jenn's #1 Jenn's #2 Jenn's #3 Jenn's #4 Jenn's #5

Exercise 3: SCALE, VALUE AND BALALNCE - jULY 1, 2016

Choose any color of fabrics you like; however each fabric must represent 1 of the 5 light to dark values relative to the other selected fabrics. Cut acording to pg.33 instructions. Make one arrangement symmetrical and the other 2 asymmetrical on 3 separate 16" squares.

Becky Becky's Balance
Christina Christina's Balance
Elaine Elaine's Balance
Kitty Kitty's Balance
Lolli Lolli's Balance
Marianne Marianne's Balance
Metha Metha's Balance
Jennifer Jenn's Balance Jenn's Balance Jenn's Balance
Marianne's Extra Credit Kitty's turn Christina's Feedback
Marianne's Extra CreditKitty's TurnChristina's Feedback


From the three master paintings provided, distill the basic composition based on values and shapes...

Seurat Vermeer Turner
Becky Becky's Seurat Becky's Vermeer Becky's Turner
Christina Christina's Seurat Christina's Vermeer Christina's Turner
Elaine Elaine's Seurat Elaine's Vermeer Elaine's Turner
Kitty Kitty's Seurat Kitty's Vermeer Kitty's Turner
Lolli Lolli's Seurat Lolli's Vermeer
Marianne Marianne's Seurat Marianne's Vermeer Marianne's Turner
Metha Metha's Seurat Metha's Vermeer Metha's Turner
Jennifer Jenn's Seurat Jenn's Vermeer Jenn's Turner

Exercise 1: BALANCE - May 6, 2016

"Choose a theme shape or motif. Interpret the shape using 4 different compositionns in a 20" square."

Some of the images better fit the criteria than others but it was our first attempt... a great one too!

Symmetrical Radial Crystallographic Asymmetrical
Becky Becky's Symmetrical Mirror Becky's Radial Becky's Crystallogaphic Becky's Asymmetrical
Christina Christina's Symmetrical Christina's Radial Christina's Crystallogaphic Christina's Asymmetrical
Elaine Elaine's Symmetrical Elaine's Radial Elaine's Crystallogaphic Elaine's Asymmetrical
Kitty Kitty's Symmetrical Kitty's Radial Kitty's Crystallogaphic Kitty's Asymmetrical
Lolli Lolli's Symmetrical Lolli's Radial Lolli's Crystallogaphic Lolli's Asymmetrical
Marianne Marianne's Symmetrical Marianne's Radial Marianne's Crystallogaphic Marianne's Asymmetrical
Metha Metha's Symmetrical Metha's Radial Metha's Crystallogaphic Metha's Asymmetrical
Jennifer Jenn's Symmetrical Jenn's Radial Jenn's Crystallogaphic Jenn's Asymmetrical